Mixed Bag of Parties, Feb. 2023

Enjoy the Sunday while browsing demoparty-related materials: flyers, wristbands, votekeys, posters etc. from over three decades! The oldest object is from 1992, the latest is just one day old (from Mountainbytes in Switzerland which took place this weekend). Contributions this time stem from Cthulhu, Dipswitch, JAL, and Moon. A particularly special document is the internal organiser info sheet from Takeover 1999 & 2000 (in Dutch). Here’s a list of high quality scans for download, and below you can browse the goods in our gallery.

• Bizarre 1998: [network key] [ticket]
• Deadline 2021: [pin]
• Energy & Cosmos Design Party 1992: [ticket]
• Mountainbytes 2023: [sticker (cowee)] [sticker (logo)] [votekey] [wristband]
• Revision 2013 [votekey]
• Revision 2015: [votekey]
• Revision 2022: [wristband]
• SEMI Easter Conference 1993: [invitation]
• Sun’n’Fun Conference 1993: [invitation]
• Takeover 1998: [poster]
• Takeover 1999: [entrance pass]
[flyer] [organiser info sheet]
• Takeover 2000: [entrance pass] [mousepad] [organiser info sheet] [visitors pass] [wristband]
• Takeover 2001: [flyer] [mousepad] [poster] [visitors pass] [wristband]
• tUM 2004: [c64 invitation disk] [flyer]

HBH Collection: Lost Mag from 1988

Not only are we back, but we also have exciting news: HBH, a Norwegian C64 scener active in the late 1980s and early 1990s, sent us a full box of letters and flyers. The treasure trove is currently being scanned and will start appearing here very soon. Here’s a sneak peek: Brainstorm, a small C64/Amiga paper zine published in 1988 by the Dutch C64 group Fire-Eagle. Only an advert demo for it has survived, the mag itself was considered lost. You can download a high resolution PDF here or browse the pages in the gallery below.

Buenzli/Demodays special

We’re back with materials donated by Unlock, main organiser of the Swiss demoparty called Buenzli until 2010 and Demodays between 2011 and 2014. Included are flyers, visitor brochures, and – a most rare thing – brochures/reports made for sponsors and supporters. Enjoy the high quality design!

The images can be viewed in the gallery at the bottom of the post, and you can download hi-res scans including metadata here:

• Buenzli 2007 flyer [scan]
• Buenzli 2008 flyer [scan]
• Buenzli 2009 postcard [scan]
• Buenzli 2010 flyer [scan]
• Demodays 2011 flyer [scan]
• Demodays 2011 fridge magnet [scan]
• Evoke & Demodays 2011 combined ticket [scan]
• Demodays 2012 flyer [scan]
• Demodays 2012 visitors brochure [scan]
• Demodays 2013 flyer (three versions) [scan]
• Demodays 2013 poster [scan]
• Demodays 2013 supporters brochure [scan]
• Demodays 2014 flyer [scan]
• Demodays 2014 supporters brochure [scan]

Jugger Collection Vol. 2

After a long pause, here we go with another update. We did not run out of materials, not at all – only out of time. Anyway, today we bring you the second batch (see first batch here) from the collection of Jugger/Panic, a well-known early 1990s Amiga pack editor and swapper from Germany. Here are 21 letters from between 1990 and 1992, sent to Jugger from all over Western Europe by various early 1990s Amiga sceners. As always, the images can be viewed in the gallery below. The update includes letters from:

• Curse/Arise (Finland), [199x]
• DJ Head/Panic (Germany), [199x]
• Dr. No/Design (Germany), [199x]
• Maverick/Intuition (UK), [199x]
• Mr. Lee (Germany), [17.1.1990]
• Ninja/Triumph (The Netherlands), [199x]
• Rockstar/Coma (France), [1991]
• Sarcophaser/Pussy (Belgium), [20.11.1990]
• Sledge/Zeus (Switzerland), [199x]
• Slider/Reetec (Germany), [21.10.1990]
• Strike/Frantic (Germany), [29.1.1991]
• The Priest/Myth (Germany?), [199x]
• Thufir Hawat/Rebels (France), [199x; 10.1991]
• Tiger/Possessed (Germany), [7.10.1990]
• TMB/Scoopex (Austria), [199x]
• Tyrant/Defcon One (Germany), [03.1991]
• Vulcan/Starline (Finland), [1990]
• Wild Rage/Grace (Austria), [199x; 01.1992]
• Zibe/Darkside (Finland), [199x].