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leZone Collection – Part 2

Here are the scans of the second batch from the collection of leZone/Marshals – mostly artefacts from 1990s and early 2000s French demoparties, as well as two diskmag votesheets:

•”Chip in Paris” votesheet (1995) [link]
• “The Charts” votesheet (1995?) [link]
• Millenium 2001 invitation [link]
• RTS 1998 invitation [link]
• Saturne 1997 invitation [link]
• Slach 1998 badge [link]
• Slach 1998 timetable [link]
• Slach 1998 welcome flyer [link]
• Slach 1999 invitation [link]
• Slach 2001 badge [link]
• Slach 2001 timetable [link]
• Synthesis 2002 flyer [link]
• VIP 2002 badge [link]
• VIP 2008 badge [link]
• Volcanic 1995 invitation [link]

SPB Limited Edition

Some demoscene artefacts are truly bizarre. Such as this flyer for the Amiga demo Hideous Mutant Freaks by Spaceballs, spread at TRSAC 2001 in a print run of 20 copies – done with water colors and a stencil on hygiene bags. Thanks go to Arcane/Haujobb for photographing this rare gem for us. Hi-res photos can be downloaded here.

C64 Anti-Freezer Comic

The cracking scene was highly competetive, and “flame wars” were a common phonomenon. While most of them were fought digitally – through intros and scrollers, some of them were carried out on paper as well. Groepaz/Hitmen provided us with a hand-drawn, photocopied comic strip that was presumably spread at one of the legendary Venlo meetings in 1989. It poked fun at German C64 cracker Spitfire/Action, who was accused of “freezing”, i.e. using a special cartridge module to help him doing his cracks. “Freezing” was against the ethics of the scene, which expected of crackers to be skilled enough to do their cracks “by hand”.

Download the scan >>>here<<<.

As a bonus, Groepaz also provided a scan of the June 1999 members’ newsletter of the German C64 group The Stock International, which can be downloaded here.

leZone Collection – Part 1

Old French Amiga demoscener leZone/Marshals scanned an incredible amount of demoscene paper artefacts from the mid-1990s to mid-2000s for our project. This is just the first batch of his kind contribution. Watch out for more, but please enjoy the following for now:

• 3S (Sea, Soft and Sun) 1996 flyer [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) flyer [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) lighter [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) visitors’ map [link]
• Buenzli 14 (2005) votekey [link]
• Bugs Party 1995 invitation [link]
• Bugs Party 1996 invitation [link]
• Farwest 3 (2001) invitation [link]
• GASP 1995 invitation [link]
• GASP 1995 timetable [link]
• JFF Convention 2 (2001) badge [link]
• Lucky & Tigrou Party (LTP) 4 (2000) votekey [link]