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Swiss Cracking Association Archive, Pt. 4

Here we go with the next instalment of the SCA archive, this time with another batch of letters received by Saturnus the Invincible (STI). On the one hand, there are some addenda to the 1987-1988 period, when STI was involved in swapping and correspondence primarily as a scener. On the other hand, this update features many letters from the late 1980s and early 1990s, when he focussed on developing Amiga games and tools, and thus received a lot of support requests from ordinary users. A particular highlight is a letter from Commodore Germany to STI’s mother. A lawyer, presumably on behalf of Commodore Germany, had sent STI a cease-and-desist letter related to software swapping. His parents wrote to Commodore Germany, and its legal department clarified that the lawyer had not been commissioned by them and the cease-and-desist letter was null and void. Here is the complete list of materials in this update. including letters from:

• Adam/Ice Breakers Int. (Canada) [29/8/1988]
• Alexandre A. (France) [21/1/1993|27/2/1993]
• Big Apple/SCA (Switzerland) [1989]
• CAB/Danish Gold (Denmark) [1987]
• Cino P. (Italy) [27/1/1987]
• Commodore Büromaschinen GmbH (Germany) [2/8/1987]
• CSR/Supremacy (Norway?) [29/6/1987]
• Cygnus-X (USA) [18/10/1988|21/9/1989|28/9/1989|3/12/1989|27/2/1990|16/9/1990]
• Dirk/D.S.Compware (Germany) [1987|1987]
• FBS/OGM (Germany) [4/2/1987|12/2/1987]
• Game Master/ACA (USA) [16/9/1987]
• Henrik C. (Denmark) [16/2/1990]
• Jason W. (Australia) [3/10/1987]
• Judit B. (Hungary) [31/8/1998]
• Mauricio H. (Costa Rica) [19/3/1993]
• Michael C. (USA) [3/6/1991]
• Mirage (Germany) [21/10/1987|11/11/1987|16/9/1988|1988]
• Pascal de S. (Switzerland) [11/3/1988|1988]
• Peter B. (Denmark) [17/2/1993]
• Philippe B. (France) [1990s]
• Pirasoft/ACS (Australia) [26/2/1989]
• Woody P. (USA) [15/5/1991]
• Zollamt Zürich-Post (Switzerland) [2/3/1987]