Monthly Archives: April 2015

Here we are!

Welcome! Some of you might have received the flyers about this project at Revision 2015 or at a different occasion. “GOT PAPERS?” is dedicated to preserving material artefacts of the scene – everything that is not digital and thus is in danger of disappearing from scene history, such as papermags, flyers, letters, stickers, and so on. Read more about it in the About section.

While the high-quality scans are hosted on, this blog is to serve as a newssite to display the newly added items. Obviously, the more people provide items to be scanned, the more news are to be read here! Two dedicated sceners did the first step: Menace and Pandur, who provided us with their collections of demoparty magazines and brochures. If you want to follow in their footsteps and have your scene materials professionally scanned in order to preserve them for future generations, then please do get in touch!

These are the items that just came in:

• The Gathering 1994 visitor brochure [link]
• The Gathering 1995 visitor brochure [link]
• The Party 1997 visitor brochure [link]
• Takeover 1998 flyer [link]
• Takeover 1999 flyer [link]
• Takeover 1999 party magazine [link]
• Takeover 2000 party magazine [link]
• Takeover 2001 party magazine [link]
• Promo flyer for the demo “Contour” by The Black Lotus (1999) [link]