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Modern Demoscene Stuff

After all the “oldschool” contribution, it is time for some recent stuff again. This time we have stickers, badges, postcards, and flyers, kindly provided by Gencha/Titan and Soundrunner/SDi.

• Takeover 1999 badge [link]
• Buenzli 2006 flyer [link]
• Buenzli 2008 flyer [link]
• Demozone 2008 flyer [link]
• Evoke 2006 flyer [link]
• Evoke 2006 postcard [link]
• Evoke 2007 flyer [link]
• Evoke 2008 flyer [link]
• “Saufen am Brechpunkt” sticker by Gnumpf Posse [link version 1] [link version 2]
• “Hackerland” promo postcard (2001) [link]
• Intel Demo Competition 2007 flyer [link]
• SCEEN promo postcard (2005) [link]

Se7en Collection

After the “News” issue, here is the rest of what Se7en/Digital Excess provided us with. Fascinating materials, including some little-known 1980s copyparties, scene karaoke lyrics, and probably the oldest known demoparty votesheet.

• Hope magazine votesheet, 1997 [link]
• Script magazine votesheet, 1991-1992 [link]
• Padua singalong sheet from Mekka^Symposium 1998 C64 compo [link]
• Event Party 1989 invitation flyer [link]
• Level 21 Copyparty 1989 invitation flyer [link]
• Maniacs & Psygon Copyparty 1989 invitation flyer [link]
• Mekka^Symposium 1997 invitation flyer [link]
• Tropic Party 1990 votesheet [link]
• Extasy-Acid Cooperation swap letter form (1989) [link]

News 7/1988

“News” was a relatively obscure, yet quite professionally made C64 cracker magazine, edited by Dave E. and Carsten Bob from southern Germany. Not much is known about it, since while there were at least eight issues produced, only one (!) made its way into the Internet age. Luckily, Se7en/Digital Excess has gone through his stash of scene materials, presenting us with #7/1988 of the mag. Written entirely in German, it dates from December 1988 and features interesting insights into the less-“elite” parts of the early C64 scene.

You can download the OCR’d PDF file, an archive with the single pages, or view the entry at Demozoo.

Exult’s C64 Disk Cover Collection – Part 2

And we continue with the amazing world of C64 disk covers, presenting the remaining part of Exult‘s collection. This batch features mostly artworks by The Elegance and Exult himself, both amazing disk cover artists with strong graffiti leanings. Enjoy!

• Acrise disk cover (“…panic in your eyes”) by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Acrise disk cover (pirate flag) by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Acrise disk cover by The Elegance, 1992 [link]
• Artlace of Acrise disk cover by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Bassline disk cover by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Code 18 disk cover by S. Martin [link]
• D’Arc of Topaz Beerline disk cover by HTD [link]
• Depredators disk cover by The Elegance, 1991 [link]
• Disk cover by Extreme/X-Large [link]
• Disk cover by Sebastian Krüger [link]
• Exult of Acrise disk cover by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Faces disk cover by Greg, 1991 [link]
• “Genetic Dreams” (Trinomic) disk cover by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Giants disk cover by Exult [link]
• Milestone disk cover by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Rebels disk cover by The Elegance, 1991 [link]
• “Sethos” (Acrise) disk cover by Exult, 1991 [link]
• TBB of Presence disk cover by Exult, 1992 [link]
• Triad disk cover by The Elegance [link]
• Vision disk cover by The Elegance, 1991 [link]
• WOW disk cover by The Elegance, 1992 [link]