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Jugger Collection Vol. 2

After a long pause, here we go with another update. We did not run out of materials, not at all – only out of time. Anyway, today we bring you the second batch (see first batch here) from the collection of Jugger/Panic, a well-known early 1990s Amiga pack editor and swapper from Germany. Here are 21 letters from between 1990 and 1992, sent to Jugger from all over Western Europe by various early 1990s Amiga sceners. As always, the images can be viewed in the gallery below. The update includes letters from:

• Curse/Arise (Finland), [199x]
• DJ Head/Panic (Germany), [199x]
• Dr. No/Design (Germany), [199x]
• Maverick/Intuition (UK), [199x]
• Mr. Lee (Germany), [17.1.1990]
• Ninja/Triumph (The Netherlands), [199x]
• Rockstar/Coma (France), [1991]
• Sarcophaser/Pussy (Belgium), [20.11.1990]
• Sledge/Zeus (Switzerland), [199x]
• Slider/Reetec (Germany), [21.10.1990]
• Strike/Frantic (Germany), [29.1.1991]
• The Priest/Myth (Germany?), [199x]
• Thufir Hawat/Rebels (France), [199x; 10.1991]
• Tiger/Possessed (Germany), [7.10.1990]
• TMB/Scoopex (Austria), [199x]
• Tyrant/Defcon One (Germany), [03.1991]
• Vulcan/Starline (Finland), [1990]
• Wild Rage/Grace (Austria), [199x; 01.1992]
• Zibe/Darkside (Finland), [199x].