The project is maintained by Gleb J. Albert, a postdoctoral researcher at the University of Zurich, Switzerland. A member of the demoscene since 1997, he is co-organizer of the Evoke demoparty in Cologne/Germany and an active contributor to scene databases / preservation projects such as pouet.net, demozoo.org, and scene.org. He is a founding member of Digitale Kultur e.V., an association to promote and support the demoscene. Outside the scene, he is a trained historian and received his PhD at Bielefeld University in 2014. His second book project, conducted within the “Media and Mimesis” research group, deals with the software pirates / crackers culture before the internet age, its global networks and local practices, and its interrelations with the software industry and the general public.

Anna Baumann, BA student at the University of Zurich employed in the “Media and Mimesis” research group, assists the project by scanning documents.


A number of international volunteers are (or were) helping the project with background research and compilation of metadata sheets:

• iks/Titan (France)
• hedning/G*P (Sweden)
• Pixman (Switzerland) [R.I.P. 8 November 2018]

You have intimate knowledge of the scene, want to support the project, and have time on your hands? Join the team! More info here.

We process the scans and create metadata sheets with the help of a custom-made tool kindly programmed for us by Gargaj/Conspiracy.

The Got Papers? mascot was drawn by H2o/TRSi.

Between 2015 and 2019, Got Papers? was hosted by untergrund.net, the free hosting service for demoscene related projects. Since October 2019, it is hosted by scene.org.


These sceners have supported the project so far by contributing scans of non-digital scene artifacts:

Acidchild, AD, Adam Bazaroff, Arcane, Arlequin, Arny, Arthur Dent, AVH, Azzaro, Ben, Big Ben, Bodo, Bonzaj, Bugjam, Bullet, CapaC, Catman, Corny, Cthulhu, Craid, Cupid, dgazz, Dipswitch, Dr. Science, EOF, Exocet, Exult, Fzool, Gencha, General Zoff, Gentleman, Ghost, Goat, Groepaz, H.O, Hamster, hedning, Honey, iks, Ile, JAL, Jani, Jeff Smart, Jugger, Kempy, King Fisher, Lance, LeZone, Lotek Style, Lowcola, Lynx, Mad All, Marq, Marty, Menace, Merlin, Moon, Moqui, pandur, pby, Reset, Robin, RX7, Saturnus the Invincible, S0lo, S11, Se7en, Sir Garbagetruck, Skylab, Slummy, Smith the Software Pope, Soundrunner, Sweex, Thorion, Thoron, Titus, TMA, Unlock, VBI, Willy, Xraffi, XXX, Zeta, Ziphoid, Zippy, plus two anonymous contributors.

Want to join their ranks? Got any objects that are relevant for this site? Please get in touch.