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Mixed Bag of Parties, Feb. 2023

Enjoy the Sunday while browsing demoparty-related materials: flyers, wristbands, votekeys, posters etc. from over three decades! The oldest object is from 1992, the latest is just one day old (from Mountainbytes in Switzerland which took place this weekend). Contributions this time stem from Cthulhu, Dipswitch, JAL, and Moon. A particularly special document is the internal organiser info sheet from Takeover 1999 & 2000 (in Dutch). Here’s a list of high quality scans for download, and below you can browse the goods in our gallery.

• Bizarre 1998: [network key] [ticket]
• Deadline 2021: [pin]
• Energy & Cosmos Design Party 1992: [ticket]
• Mountainbytes 2023: [sticker (cowee)] [sticker (logo)] [votekey] [wristband]
• Revision 2013 [votekey]
• Revision 2015: [votekey]
• Revision 2022: [wristband]
• SEMI Easter Conference 1993: [invitation]
• Sun’n’Fun Conference 1993: [invitation]
• Takeover 1998: [poster]
• Takeover 1999: [entrance pass]
[flyer] [organiser info sheet]
• Takeover 2000: [entrance pass] [mousepad] [organiser info sheet] [visitors pass] [wristband]
• Takeover 2001: [flyer] [mousepad] [poster] [visitors pass] [wristband]
• tUM 2004: [c64 invitation disk] [flyer]

32 Years of Computer Parties

Today, we present you with artefacts from 32 years of copy- and demoparties – from 1987 to 2019! Quite an astonishing time span, longer than the life span of some current demoscene members. The scans stem from the collections of Acidchild & Bugjam, AD aka Rough, Dipswitch, Goat, Ile, Mike, Moqui, Sir Garbagetruck, Swiss Cracking Association, The Movers, and X-Raffi. Some fascinating documents and objects are included – such as the paper invitation to the legendary Danish Gold 1987 party, where the first cracker standards were established; the flyer for the Beach Party 1992 which was cancelled at last minute; the invitation for the Bitnapping Party 1988 which was one of the very rare cooperations between German hackers and crackers; and many more. You can browse them in the gallery below, but first here are the links to the hi-res scans and metadata in party date order:

• Danish Gold Copyparty 1987 invitation [scan]
• The Organized Crime Copyparty 2 (1987) invitation [scan]
• Bitnapping 2.0 (1988) invitation [scan]
• Success & Dominators Party 1991 invitation [scan]
• Beach Paty 1992 invitation [scan]
• Analog 1994 flyer [scan]
• The Party 1995 Amiga votedisk [scan]
• Mekka^Symposium 1999 votesheet [scan]
• Plush Meeting v2 (1999) invitation [scan]
• Mekka^Symposium 2000 votesheet [scan]
• Underground Conference 2000 flyer [scan]
• Assembly 2001 tickets [scan]
• Mekka^Symposium 2001 votesheet [scan]
• TRSAC 2001 badge [scan]
• Forever 2002 votesheet [scan]
• Mekka^Symposium 2002 votesheet [scan]
• RAW 2002 flyer [scan]
• Symphony 2002 flyer [scan]
• Assembly 2003 tickets [scan]
• Assembly 2003 wristband [scan]
• Breakpoint 2003 votesheet [scan]
• Breakpoint 2004 votesheet [scan]
• Evoke 2006 wristband [scan]
• Horde 2007 flyer [scan]
• Evoke 2009 flyer [scan]
• Silesia Party 3 (2009) votesheet [scan]
• tUM 2010 flyer [scan]
• Nordlicht 2016 flyer [scan]
• Outline 2016 filter tips [scan]
• Revision 2019 glucose candy [scan]

Scene Papers – Summer Mix

Escaping the heatwave by surfing the net in your cool room? Why not look at old scene documents? Today, we bring you a mix of various paper artefacts from the Amiga, Atari and PC scene, provided by Azzaro, Dipswitch, Gentleman, JAL, Lance, Lotek Style, Thorion, and Willy. Swapletters, wristbands, stickers, flyers, and some unusual stuff. Browse the documents in the gallery at the bottom of this post, or download the high resolution scans with metadata from the following list.

• to Azzaro (Poland) from Digital Zone (Ireland) [23/03/1996] and sAS (Belgium) [29/02/199x]
• to Gentleman (Germany) from Double R (Spain) [xx/xx/199x] – including graffiti sketches by Mr. Stone and Turbo/Bronx!
• to Lotek Style (Germany) from Brume (France) [xx/xx/1999|xx/xx/199x], Evil (Sweden) [xx/03/2005], Frost (France) [xx/xx/199x], Lonsdale (Germany) [18/08/1997|14/01/1998|14/03/1998|14/09/1998|05/05/2000|06/05/2001|27/07/2001|xx/xx/2001], Mikro (Slovakia) [xx/xx/200x|xx/xx/200x|xx/xx/200x] , and Senser (France) [xx/xx/199x]
Stickers: Mexx / Targets / Tristar / TRSI
Business cards: 501/TRSI / McLoud/TRSI / Tail/Hypnotic
Party stuff: Outline 2008 lighter / Outline 2019 wristband / Scene Event 2000 badge / SF2K 2002 wristbands / Treacl Celebration Party 1991 ticket / Woest 2002 wristband
Other stuff:
• Generation Charts votesheet
• The Beast diskmag flyer
• Ritmika press kit, 2004. Ritmika was a Latvian electronic music label run by Raver/PHT, with several other sceners involved.
• Acronym List 4.0 materials, 1998. The Acronym List, encompassing 400 group acronyms, was compiled by the small German PC group Die Datenbäcker. This is the paper manuscript for the list.

Party Invitations, 1987-2000

Some copyparty/demoparty materials this time – from the vaults of Acidchild & Bugjam, Arny, Ghost, Jugger, Lance, and Swiss Cracking Association. Included are party invitations from Germany, Denmark, the Netherlands, Hungary, Switzerland, and Poland. There are some really rare 1980s invitations, including copyparties that are not documented in any scene databases yet – and also some known, yet legendary ones, like the invitation flyer for the first The Party in Denmark in 1991. Following scans can be downloaded or browsed online in the gallery below:

Action Autumn Conference 1990 invitation // AWACS/RAF/Pussy Copyparty 1991 invitation // Chromance, Cerberos & Computer-Mania Copy Party (CCCCP) 1991 invitation // FCS-ECC Copyparty 1987 invitation // New Edition Copyparty 1987 invitation // NEWS-Party 1990 invitation // North Party 1997 invitation // Poison Party 1990 invitation // Shining 8 Eastern Conference 1992 invitation // Spherical Designs Party / Bocholter Copyparty series 1991 info pack // SSI Copyparty 1998 invitation // SWF Amiga-Sylvester-Panic Party 1987 invitation // Syndicate Denmark & Action 2009 Copyparty 1987 invitation // The Party 1991 invitation // The Party 1998 visitors’ brochure // Treacl & Panic Party 1991 invitation // Willow Party 2000 invitation