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The Movers Collection Pt. 5

Again, a batch from the vast collection of Skylab & General Zoff of The Movers. Letters from between 1986 and 1987, some of them quite remarkable – like a scroller draft written on paper by Irata. Enjoy!

Included are letters from:

• Irata (envelope), 30 March 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Irata, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Mr Sulu, 1986 [scan&metadata]
• Paul, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Skylab to Paul (draft), 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Strider, 1980s [scan&metadata]
• The Crusader, 19 January 1986 [scan&metadata]
• Zeke Wolf, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Zeke Wolf, 1987 [scan&metadata]
• Zzap, 21 June 1987 [scan&metadata]

Swapper’s Tools

Every scene trade – coders, graphics artists, musicians – has its tools. Usually, we think about digital tools in this context. Today, however, we present you some physical tools – the tools of a 1980s C64 swapper. Skylab & General Zoff of The Movers provided us with a bunch of original objects that were crucial to maintain software circulation via floppy disk and “snailmail” – envelopes, express mail stickers, a disk hole puncher, customs forms, and many more. Click on the photo below for detailed descriptions, or go to our archive to download a high resolution image. Thanks go to Esther Laurenciková for the photo, and to Spot/Up Rough for fixing the captions.

1980s Mail-Swapping Envelopes

We’re back with some materials that remind you of the materiality of “warez trading” in the 1980s. In these envelopes from The Movers‘ collection, floppy disks with the newest C64 and Amiga cracks and demos travelled around Europe between 1986 and 1988. Most people reused them and ultimately threw them away, but luckily these guys didn’t. There’s a whole box of them in our office now, and here’s just a small selection – featuring sendings from Germany, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the Netherlands and Switzerland. As usual, you can download the high quality scans and metadata from the archive, or view the pictures in the gallery below.