Arny’s Letters

Today, we are happy to present to you the first batch of a new letter collection that was provided to us by C64 scener Arny from Austria, active in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a graphics artist in the group Cosmos as well as its game development spin-off Cosmos Designs. We begin with the letters from the time when he was member of the Austrian group The Softkiller-Crew (TSK) back in 1988. With these scans, we are happy to welcome Anna Baumann, student research assistant at the Department of History, University of Zurich, into our project. Thanks to her, the paper materials are going to be digitised much quicker.

Following letters are included into today’s batch:

Amiga Boy/UNIC (Belgium) to Arny, 1980s [scan&metadata]
• Apollo-1/TAT (Austria) to Arny, 20 June 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Apollo-1/TAT (Austria) to Arny, 26 June 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Flash/Taxi (The Netherlands) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Gambler/VGG (Germany) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• OLS/TGC (?) to Arny, 1980s [scan&metadata]
• Storm & Atron (Austria) to Arny, 13 July 1988 [scan&metadata]
• T.C./TWP (Austria) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• TSH/ICS (Austria?) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Umberto (Italy) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Waltsi/TNI (Austria) to Arny, 24 July 1988 [scan&metadata]
• Waltsi/TNI (Austria) to Arny, 1988 [scan&metadata]