Toilet Paper #5 & #6

Thanks to Lowcola, we can present you two lost and forgotten paper magazine issues from the Finnish Amiga scene. Toilet Paper #5 and #6 both came out simultaneously in December 1991 – for reasons not completely clear. Lowcola writes: “The team had a goal of publishing 6-10 magazines, had enough material, but around December they wanted to take a holiday break, so I figure they ended up making a double issue.” The magazine was obviously not a semi-professional untertaking of the scene’s “elite”, like Illegal, Pirates, and other well-known mags, but rather the work of “average” teenage sceners. If they would have been active nowadays, they probably would have poured their desire for self-expression into a Tumblr blog or a MySpace page. One can see the editors desperately struggling for content, filling up the space with random pictures, font samples, and rather questionable teenage humour. However, as members of the scene, they were quite well-connected. They managed to interview a member of the UK cracking group Mirage, and judging from the published readers’ letters and swapping ads, the magazine circulated as far as Turkey and South Africa.

You can download the OCR’d scans here (#5) and here (#6).